Menu shoot for Eila Bistro moderne.
Drinks in The Wild - Nacarat
New Years Eve - Café Campus
Menu shoot for Shack du Pêcheur
Fairmont Queen Elisabeth X Mattel F&B shoot
Invasion Cocktail X Vandal
Menu launch for Chaud Devant
Buvette Pompette - 1st Anniversary
Drinks in the wild
Moreau Cooperage social campaign.
Fall recipe shoot for Fove
Menu shoot for Rosélys - Fairmont Queen Elizabeth
Invasion Cocktail X Nikkei
Vibe shots for Sauvage
Tea time shoot for Fairmont X Mattel
Invasion Cocktail X Joséphine
Menu launch at REGASHI
Casting photos for Details Agency
Buvette Des Lumières - Winter Menu
Menu shoot for Caifan
Product shots for Rosemont's BABA au RHUM
Fove Cocktails
Winter Menu - Saint Houblon
Vibe shots for Ratafia
Drinks in the wild
Joseph Carré - Acoustic set.
Invasion Cocktail X Nacarat
Chefs Off - For Fairmont Queen Elizabeth.
Menu shoot for Saint-Houblon
Invasion Cocktail X Flammant
Invasion Cocktail X Les Botanistes
Fove Product Shoot
Invasion Cocktail X Chez Tao
Invasion Cocktail X Alphonse
Supernature X
Nightlife shots for Café Campus
Spring menu shoot at Rosélys by Fairmont.
Nighttime beverages at Minéral Wine Bar
YAMS social campaign
F&B shoot @Minéral Wine Bar
Product shot for Projet Pilote gin
Night Out - Distillerie de Montréal
Fove X Denise product shoot
Lifestyle shoot for Ribeira Grande Wines
Social campaign for Southern Comfort.
Rosé for V-Day - Restaurant Pick Up
Minéral - Food & Wine
Pic-Nic shoot with Rosemont Rhum Punch
Folklore product launch shoot
Fibonacci Trio Live Performance
Details Agency X Bar Waverly
Fove X Ratafia product shoot
Vibe Shots for Cacao 70
Fove X Waverly product shoot
Tiamat, Mon Amour - Album Launch
Fove X Candide product shoot
Portraits of a Master Distiller
Minéral Cocktail Bar - Menu shoot
Social Campaign for Willm Wines
Food menu campaign for Blind Pig
Folklore launch lifestyle shoot
Corporate shoot for Fairmont Queen Elizabeth
Lifestyle shoot for Blind Pig
Menu shoot for La Cantina
Jarritos X Waverly lifestyle cocktail shoot
Menu shoot for Tacos&Tortas
Social campaign for Km12 gin
Social campaign for Queen Elisabeth Hotel
Pic Nic shoot for Rosemont
Night out shoot for Rosemont Rhum Punch
Willm wine campaign.
Rosemont Pineapple rhum summer shoot
Vinho Verde Campaign
Stolichnaya Campaign
Minéral Social
Shoot for Clébard bourbon bar.
Social campaign for Alchimia spirits
Basil Smash for Jardin Verde Gin
Campaign for Persimmon Canada
Canadian Club 42
Blind Pig Happy hour